Early October I traveled to Kebumen, my father’s hometown. It was just four days and three nights but I had a lot of interesting conversations with my close relatives. The whole talking got more interesting when it came about my grandpa, the one I barely know because he died when my father was a teenager. By chance, my grandpa’s little brother who lives in Jakarta was there too!

So, I have never known before that grandpa was a good Chinese traditional healer. “Just by counting the pulse on wrist, he knew the sickness,” my aunt told me. He would then prescribe some herbals or drugs, or simply told the patients to abstain from some kind of foods.

One story made me laugh.

One day, a severely ill Dutch officer came to my grandpa. (That time, Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch.) He was a high-ranked officer who sought for medical treatment from grandpa, but he did not know how to communicate with the locals. The language barrier had made him said anything in signs and gestures. So did my grandpa when communication between them happened.

At first, grandpa simply knew the Dutch was ill. After checked on him, he gave a prescription written on a piece of paper. He wondered how the Dutch would understand what he meant. The Dutch just went home after receiving it.

Few days later, the Dutch came in a rush to my grandpa: he came to show express his gratitude for being healed!

Both seemed to understand each other: how could he understand the prescribed herbals or drugs?

The officer then ‘asked’  grandpa to write another prescription. After receiving the prescription, he intentionally burned it. When it had been burnt out, he drank the scorched paper with a glass of water.

That was how he’d been healed!

Spending my time . . .

I visited my ancestors’ graves, as usual, on the last day I was there, October 5. That was the day grandpa died.


Random recent updates

Daniel . . .

  1. has been graduated on July 17 : YAY!
  2. got a job offer from my instructor : Blessed.
  3. is learning about surges, lightning, grounding, bonding, etc. : Quite hard.
  4. is being forced by one of certification center marketing to take their training program : Annoying!
  5. helped a friend translating some parts of her dentistry book : Alien words.
  6. is happy to get free dental scaling : Quite Indonesian.
  7. was postponed my plan to take TOEFL exam : Again.
  8. is packing things in my dorm : Might be forever.
  9. got ‘bakpia’ from a friend yesterday : Yummy!
  10. bought a new sandal and a T-shirt some weeks ago : Broke now.
  11. played badminton on Saturday with friends : Happy!
  12. is waiting for the very late honorarium of 160-grand IDR : No wonder I am broke.
  13. tried Honda NSR150RR yesterday : Cool.
  14. is using Microsoft Office 2010 Professional : Great!
  15. is also using Windows Live Essentials Beta : Nice!
  16. has been waiting my laptop motherboard order for almost one month : Sigh… .
  17. got a good news that someone I have never met before could reconcile with his/her father after read one of my post “Come, and see your son . . .” : I am happy for you!
  18. helped a young couple –a blind man and a low-vision woman, in the grocery : Sweet.
  19. is retouching the unprofessionally-made graduation DVD-video of my own : Exasperating.
  20. is planning to jog and swim this morning : C’mon!
  21. was routinely exercised for two weeks : It was.
  22. want to join World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain : Remember, I am broke.
  23. missed Traditional Latin Mass last week : Again!!!
  24. gets many aliases given by my friends : Hey… hey… !
  25. will be in my hometown next week : Hooray!
  26. eats tofu, oats and sweet corn today : Hmmm… .
  27. heard that our Pomeranians were sold last night : Seriously??
  28. is recently watching The Book of Eli : Perfect timing for this month of the Bible.
  29. is following Grey’s Anatomy episodes : Like this!
  30. went to Dago Pakar conservation forest (‘Taman Hutan Raya Juanda’) which is actually closely distanced from my dorm two weeks ago : For the first time after five years live here!

LED TV. That is how manufacturers called it.

At first, I was thinking LED TV as a new breed of OLED display technology. OLED display is widely used as a screen in smaller devices such as mobile phones and portable media players (the current trend used active-matrix addressing, here comes the name AMOLED). My own Sansa Clip+, for example, uses the simple two color yellow and blue OLED screen, while Zune HD uses colorful and bright AMOLED screen that looked fantastic.

LED OLED display uses arrays of organic light-emitting diodes (LEDs). If you have no idea what LED is, you can easily found the simple LED usually as power indicator in electronic devices. The nature of LED, that is “light-emitting”, suggests that this kind of display is self-illuminating, conclusively.

LCD with LED

LCD display is different. It does not emit light directly, therefore it needs a light source. Modern LCD displays (TVs, computer monitors, mobile phones displays) are built with an internal light source and it backlights from ‘backside’ of the display panel.

The conventional one is using cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL). CCFLs are placed on edges of the display panel. This kind needs a diffuser to spread the light from the edge sources. See picture below.


CCFL backlighting is still widely used for notebook displays, computer monitors, and LCD TVs.

Modern one is using LED backlighting.  LEDs are placed right before the display to illuminate it. They can be white LEDs backlight or RGB LEDs backlight.

LEDs can also be placed around the perimeter of display, just like the old conventional CCFL backlighting.

Image courtesy of Sony

They are NOT LED TVs

Seriously, they are not. They are LCD TVs using LEDs to illuminate the screen. Although ASA (Advertising Standard Authority) of UK stated that the term “LED TV” does not object to the use of this term, ASA still requires the term to be clarified in any advertising about the term. But I’ve never heard any clarification from manufacturers, at least until I saw the advertising of LG LED LCD Monitor E2250V. LG is honest enough about its product name, but LG still does not give proper clarification.

Update (20 June 2010)

I got it right! Today I saw Samsung LED TV advertisement on TV, they have added caption saying “LCD TV with LED backlight technology”, something I’ve never seen before.

I am trying Windows Live Writer to write this post. Hope it’ll work just fine.

One of books I fond of during my study is Signal and Systems, 3rd edition by Prof. Chi-Tsong Chen. This book is a lot of thinner than everyone expects compare to other books of the same subject less than half of two other books available in my department’s library. But it is still a focused and concise text of CT and DT signals and systems.

signal system

Today, I found this information in the author’s website:

After teaching and writing for over forty years, I am on the verge of retirement and have decided to give the book [Signals and Systems: A fresh look] away as a gift to the students in my class and any other interested readers. It can be downloaded as a pdf file of size 4.6MB. If you find the book useful, please spread the word.

Well, I simply recommend this book to be downloaded. Solution manual is available too.

Oh, almost forget! I also like the author’s sympathy:

Students taking a course on signals and systems usually take three or four other courses at the same time. They may also have many distractions: part-time jobs, relationships, or the Internet. They simply do not have the time to really ponder a topic. Thus, I fully sympathize with their lack of understanding. (p. 12, or p. xviii at 3rd ed.)

It is what most instructors forget about 😀

This is a touching slide of photos and captions I got from my friend: Days with My Father.
I started to miss my dad more since last December. It was my last campus days, approaching to my graduation day this July.

I want to know exactly how he feels about my graduation;
that I am the first one to get a bachelor degree in my family;
that I am graduated from supposedly one of the best universities in this country.

My dad passed away when I was 13—he suffered a stroke.


I wish you come that day . . . .

Your son

PS: Thank you, Maria!

I found this hillarious video about British atheist Richard Dawkins who campaigns to arrest pope when he visits England for his “crimes against humanity.” (It is one of the more absurd, pathetic things to come out of the shameful attacks on the pope.)

The awakening of media’s lunatic concern about the abuse are now being promoted by few journalists. Meanwhile, others continue to come to the defense of the pope.


You might be interested in:

  1. Priests Commit No More Abuse Than Other Males. (I think this is the Newsweek article discussed by ‘the Führer’ in the video.)
  2. Pedophilia Scandals: Celibacy Questioned.

Recently, pediatricians in America (American College of Pediatricians) caution educators on dealing with sexual orientation and gender confusion among students. They “are increasingly concerned, however, that in many cases efforts to help students who exhibit same-sex attractions and/or gender confusion are based on incomplete or inaccurate information.”

For this reason, they write letter to school superintendents which we can be read at their resource website: www.FactsAboutYouth.com.

Here are some facts based on one of their pamphlets: What You Should Know About Sexual Orientation of Youth.

  • Homosexuality is not a genetically-determined, unchangeable trait.
  • Homosexual attraction is determined by a combination of familial, environmental, social and biological influences. Inheritance of predisposing personality traits may play a role for some. Consequently, homosexual attraction is changeable.
  • Most students (over 85%) with same-sex attractions will ultimately adopt a heterosexual orientation if not otherwise encouraged. Most questioning students are experiencing temporary sexual confusion or are involved in experimentation.
  • The homosexual lifestyle, especially for males, carries grave health risks.
  • Declaring and validating student’s same-sex attraction during the adolescent years is premature and may be personally harmful.
  • Sexual reorientation therapy has proven effective for those with unwanted homosexual attractions.
  • For many youth, homosexual attraction develops due to negative or traumatic experiences, such as sexual abuse. These students need therapy for the trauma, not affirmation of a “gay identity.”
  • There is no evidence that pro-homosexual programs, such as on-campus student clubs, ease the health risks or emotional disorders suffered by homosexuals.
  • Regardless of an individual’s sexual orientation, sexual activity is a conscious choice.
  • It is in the best interest of all students to refrain from any sexual activity until adulthood, most optimally until they enter a life-long faithful marriage.
  • The school’s responsibility is to provide a safe environment for respectful self-expression for all students. It is not the school’s role to diagnose and attempt to treat any student’s medical condition, and certainly not the school’s role to “affirm” a student’s perceived personal sexual orientation.

Visit their website! It holds a bunch of useful information.