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Random recent updates

Daniel . . .

  1. has been graduated on July 17 : YAY!
  2. got a job offer from my instructor : Blessed.
  3. is learning about surges, lightning, grounding, bonding, etc. : Quite hard.
  4. is being forced by one of certification center marketing to take their training program : Annoying!
  5. helped a friend translating some parts of her dentistry book : Alien words.
  6. is happy to get free dental scaling : Quite Indonesian.
  7. was postponed my plan to take TOEFL exam : Again.
  8. is packing things in my dorm : Might be forever.
  9. got ‘bakpia’ from a friend yesterday : Yummy!
  10. bought a new sandal and a T-shirt some weeks ago : Broke now.
  11. played badminton on Saturday with friends : Happy!
  12. is waiting for the very late honorarium of 160-grand IDR : No wonder I am broke.
  13. tried Honda NSR150RR yesterday : Cool.
  14. is using Microsoft Office 2010 Professional : Great!
  15. is also using Windows Live Essentials Beta : Nice!
  16. has been waiting my laptop motherboard order for almost one month : Sigh… .
  17. got a good news that someone I have never met before could reconcile with his/her father after read one of my post “Come, and see your son . . .” : I am happy for you!
  18. helped a young couple –a blind man and a low-vision woman, in the grocery : Sweet.
  19. is retouching the unprofessionally-made graduation DVD-video of my own : Exasperating.
  20. is planning to jog and swim this morning : C’mon!
  21. was routinely exercised for two weeks : It was.
  22. want to join World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain : Remember, I am broke.
  23. missed Traditional Latin Mass last week : Again!!!
  24. gets many aliases given by my friends : Hey… hey… !
  25. will be in my hometown next week : Hooray!
  26. eats tofu, oats and sweet corn today : Hmmm… .
  27. heard that our Pomeranians were sold last night : Seriously??
  28. is recently watching The Book of Eli : Perfect timing for this month of the Bible.
  29. is following Grey’s Anatomy episodes : Like this!
  30. went to Dago Pakar conservation forest (‘Taman Hutan Raya Juanda’) which is actually closely distanced from my dorm two weeks ago : For the first time after five years live here!


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