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Signals and Systems for Free

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One of books I fond of during my study is Signal and Systems, 3rd edition by Prof. Chi-Tsong Chen. This book is a lot of thinner than everyone expects compare to other books of the same subject less than half of two other books available in my department’s library. But it is still a focused and concise text of CT and DT signals and systems.

signal system

Today, I found this information in the author’s website:

After teaching and writing for over forty years, I am on the verge of retirement and have decided to give the book [Signals and Systems: A fresh look] away as a gift to the students in my class and any other interested readers. It can be downloaded as a pdf file of size 4.6MB. If you find the book useful, please spread the word.

Well, I simply recommend this book to be downloaded. Solution manual is available too.

Oh, almost forget! I also like the author’s sympathy:

Students taking a course on signals and systems usually take three or four other courses at the same time. They may also have many distractions: part-time jobs, relationships, or the Internet. They simply do not have the time to really ponder a topic. Thus, I fully sympathize with their lack of understanding. (p. 12, or p. xviii at 3rd ed.)

It is what most instructors forget about 😀


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