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  1. Go to Windows Live Essential download page.
  2. Click the Download button, and then you will be prompted to execute a small binary file, about 1.1 MB. Cancel the download.
  3. On the page appears after you are prompted, click Try Again.

The Story:

Last week I installed Windows 7 Professional in my notebook so that every programs I already installed in the previous Windows Vista was gone. I got some problems when I was installing Windows Live programs.

Usually you go to Windows Live Essential download page, click the Download button, and then prompted to execute a small binary file, about 1.1 MB. This small installer obviously is not a standalone installer. Instead, it is like a download manager for Windows Live programs installers.

The problem occurred when this download manager tried to download some components of the programs, such as Windows Live Communications Platform, Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime, or Microsoft Sync Framework Services. These components could not be downloaded. There was an error code generated by this download manager. It said that Windows need to be updated first. So I tried to update the fresh installed Windows, and then run the download manager, but the problem still existed.

I thought about getting a standalone installer of Windows Live programs because the problem I faced was in download process, not in installation.

Because I always reluctant in using any installer outside the publisher’s official source (exception for this great useful site of FileHippo.com!), I tried to search the standalone installer in Microsoft’s Download Center site, but did not find one. This forced me to searched any standalone installer outside Microsoft official source, ie. Softpedia. Someone has uploaded the installer in Windows Installer form (MSI file). It did install successfully, but the programs installed could not sign in. There were some error reports.

While I searched for another standalone installer, I found a source–which  now I forget the location of it, about getting the standalone installer from Windows Live website.


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I was in Jakarta last year with my friend and we met an Indonesian family having a cute little girl, maybe three or four years old. She has been enrolled  by her parents in a preschool playgroup or something where its ‘teachers’ communicate with the children using only English and Mandarin. Because both of her parents are educated people, they communicate with her using English too in their daily life too.

Wow, it is great, isn’t it? Her parents do really care about her communication skills in her very early of childhood. Imagine how fluent she will be when she grow up. She won’t be like me who needs to study hard for English or Mandarin fluency because I treat them as second languages. (It is the same with people in the past generations too, maybe.)

But wait. I intentionally skipped the moment when my friend and I talked to this young lady using Indonesian baby talk. This happened before I knew about the ‘advanced’ treatment to her. My friend made funny gestures while asking her questions, but she did not understand at all. We talked a lot to her, but she got confused about what we were talking. Her parents seemed to understand us.”She does not understand Bahasa Indonesia,” her mom told us.  Then, we are told about everything I cited before.

Not a great idea, huh? This is a big problem, I think. She lives in Indonesia, will meet people speaking Bahasa Indonesia when she grow up–most people to interact with. If she does not understand the language people used, there are a lot of difficulties to face. She is like an outsider in her own country.

Yesterday I found interesting information about the same problem.  Some parents afraid because their children, fourth graders in a well known “national plus” school, will face CaLisTung (membaca, menulis, berhitung; reading, writing, and math) exam. Can’t students from this well known school read, write, and do math? Of course they can. But as the exam name suggests, it will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia. The students, their parents, even teachers are now confused. It is because the kids are used to learn using English and Mandarin in school.

Parents should give special attention to this issue, not to make a naive assumption that because it is advanced it must be good.

I think this can be applied to many aspects of our life. An ‘advanced’ is not always a good option.

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